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Years of experience, working across a mixture of projects ranging in size and complexity.  We go out of our way to build an open and relaxed relationship with our clients, which has led to us being a trusted and reliable production partner when it comes to bringing their ideas to life.


It’s always been our belief that every project we produce should look as good as it possibly can, which is why we’ve invested so much in our equipment over the years. We’ve gone beyond buying only cinematic cameras and lenses, and have made sure that we have all of the tools necessary to make every shot as dynamic and creative as possible. From gimbals to GoPros and Cooke lenses to car rigs, we have it all. 


Sliced was originally formed by a group of independent directors who saw the value in collaboration and sharing ideas for the greater good of the creative output we deliver. There’s no room for egos at Sliced, and our roster of directors is proof of this as we purposefully choose to work with like minded, creative and decent people. Our collective talent covers everything from Food, Travel, Fashion, Sport, Comedy, Documentary and Corporate, which makes us a strong team, capable of taking an original approach and delivering quality work for any brand or category. 


Editing is our bread and butter, it’s one of our core strengths, and although we don’t like to brag…we’re really, really good at it. Our team has grown quickly since Sliced began, and building a crack team of editors has been a key focus of ours right from the start.  We know that a creative edit can make or break any film, which is why we place so much value in our team's ability to think outside of the box and experiment with new techniques and ideas, in order to make every project we deliver stand out from the crowd. 


Animation is fun. We have fun watching it, we have fun making it, and we have fun discussing the endless number of ways our clients can implement it into their content. As good as our editors are at editing, our Animation team hold their own when it comes to pushing the boundaries and producing beautifully satisfying works of art, which have been used to elevate our work. Whether it’s 2D or 3D, we love taking a novel approach and exploring the possibilities with what can be achieved through implementing animation into our filmmaking process. 


Ideas are temporary. Execution is everything. It takes a team to produce any film, regardless of its size or complexity. We understand the value and importance of teamwork in everything we do, which is why we started building our elite roster of loyal and skilful crew members years before Sliced ever existed. We don’t cut corners. We make sure we treat our crew properly, the effect of which means they go the extra mile for us and our clients. Our crews make sure they turn up on time, act in a polite and discreet manner, and do the best job possible to ensure we capture every shot.

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